Automation & Control Automation & Control
Implement or upgrade your Industry 4.0 system with our cost effective and fully functional IPC’s, PPC’s and I/O modules.
Automation & Control
Robotics Robotics
Control your AGV’s/AMR’s or robotic arms and manage your entire fleet with our powerful and feature-rich IPC’s.
Transportation Transportation
Always know the status of your fleet vehicles and time-sensitive products, collecting data on various parameters in real time, for onsite or remote analysis and control.
Energy Distribution
Energy Distribution Energy Distribution
Make our data collection/analysis and control hardware part of your substation IT system, as well as your solar and wind power field installations.
Retail Retail
Design impactful and functional systems using our feature-rich IPC’s, PPC’s and SDM’s or expand an existing system.
Municipal & Building Municipal & Building
Monitor and control HVAC, lighting and security at building level or public parking and lighting at complex or municipal level with our high performance systems.
Municipal & Building


While data acquisition and analysis, process control and automation are common elements throughout many sectors, specific sectors have specific hardware needs, as outlined below.
Specific Sectors Have Unique Hardware Needs