energy distrubition

Energy Distribution

Our IPC’s, PPC’s and I/O modules are a key part of substation integration and automation systems. Run your SCADA software on our PC-based systems and connect your IEC’s over our wired and wireless channels. Take advantage of edge and cloud computing for your data processing and analysis. Do all of this and more with our feature rich hardware solutions.

This can be extended to other components of the power grid, including solar and wind installations. In these cases, various hardware components in the field installation, such as combiner box and inverter, feed data to the IPC or PPC which analyzes and reports on the data and/or sends it to the Cloud.  Additionally, your power installation may utilize multiple intelligent IP-enabled devices, from sensors and monitors to security devices such as video cameras, card readers and intelligent access control devices, using wired and wireless connectivity. Utilities want to take advantage of all the data available to them and our connected IPC’s, PPC’s and I/O modules allow you to do just that.