Municipal & Building

Building systems such as HVAC, lighting, landscape irrigation and security require control and monitoring, with data available and analyzed on site or sent to the Cloud over wired or wireless comms. Our wide range of IPC’s and PPC’s can accommodate systems of any complexity. Communications channels can be configured to meet specific data demands. Our connected I/O modules can be deployed as needed, especially in difficult to access spaces.

Municipal and standalone industrial building water resources managers must monitor the electrical supply, water supply and output and site security, in addition to water parameters like flow rates, pressure, pH and turbidity. Our I/O modules collect this sensory date and transfer it to our IPC’s and PPC’s, where it is analyzed for information and control processes. It can then be sent directly to the Cloud or other storage and analysis centers. Our rugged and waterproof solutions are perfect for the harsh environments that these systems are often found in.

Get the most from your public lighting and parking assets in buildings and municipalities by collecting and analyzing real time data.  Use it to adjust lighting to when and where it’s needed, for peak and low usage periods. Monitor parking spaces for security, or for recording license tags for authentication or remote billing. Our I/O modules, IPC’s and PPC’s connect the devices that monitor those assets.  The data collected is utilized for on-site analysis and control or sent, wired or wirelessly, for further utilization.

These are just some of the municipal and building systems that our hardware solutions can be deployed into. Talk to us about incorporating our solutions into your systems.